Pediatric Dentistry

What is Pediatric Dentistry

We love seeing children and taking extra care of your child’s teeth. We recommend bringing your child in by the time they are 1 year old so we can make sure their mouth is healthy and catch any potential problems early.


We focus on dental issues that can develop in the gums, teeth, and jaw as the body develops and grows.


Pediatric dental sealants are a thin coating that acts as a protective shield placed over the chewing area of your child’s tooth that helps prevent cavities and blocks out germs and food.


It is recommended that as soon as your child molars start to come in, a sealant is used to help prevent any future cavities from beginning to form.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride works to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities and decay. During a fluoride treatment, a high concentration fluoride varnish will be applied to the teeth. This process takes just a few minutes and provides long term protection.


A filling is a treatment for teeth damaged by decay that restores back to its normal function and shape while preventing further decay.

Space Maintainers

As a child’s mouth develops with new teeth, a space maintainer helps hold the space for permanent teeth to grow in. 

Your child may need one if they start to lose their baby teeth prematurely.

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