Smile Gallery

Patrick’s Case

Patrick’s teeth had suffered from years of clenching and grinding. This lead to a lot of broken teeth, an uneven smile, wear of the teeth at the gumline, and shortened teeth throughout his mouth. Patrick also suffered from jaw pain due to the changed height of his teeth. In order to restore Patrick’s mouth to health and relieve his jaw pain, most of his teeth required crowns. The crowns strengthened the broken teeth, gave height back to the shortened teeth, and relieved the jaw pain he had been suffering. Not only did these restoration restore function and health to Patrick’s mouth, it also greatly improved the esthetics of his smile. 

Patrick was happy to be able to chew and smile again without pain!

Suzie’s Case

Suzie came to us unhappy with a resin bonding repair that had been done on her lateral incisor years ago. The tooth appeared dull and dark compared to the other teeth in her smile. Most of the tooth structure was missing, so this was a good location to use a crown instead of resin bonding. Using porcelain and good communication with our lab, we were able to give Suzie a tooth that matches exactly with her natural teeth!

Yesenia’s Case

Yesenia had lost support for her bite after missing her back teeth for years. This caused her to move her jaw to the side every time she chewed her food, wearing away her front teeth and causing severe TMJ pain.


We completed months of corrective therapy to move her bite back to its original and healthy position, allowing Yesenia to finally live pain free. We then replaced her back teeth with upper and lower partials and restored her front teeth with resin bonding to restore the wear.


Yesenia was so happy to be out of pain and have her smile back.

Carmen’s Case

Carmen came in after years of not having access to dental care ready to reclaim her smile. Her gums were unhealthy, and there were cavities or broken fillings on most of her teeth.


We started with getting her gums healthy to give the teeth good support, and then proceeded with fixing the cavities and placing crowns on broken down teeth. We had to remove her front two teeth, and replaced them with a bridge.


Carmen originally wouldn’t talk to us without her hand covering her teeth, but left the office not able to contain her beautiful smile!

Elsie’s Case

Elsie had great teeth, but was not happy about missing one of her premolars. She did not want an implant, so we decided to fill the space in with a bridge. The two teeth next to the space support the new tooth, allowing Elsie to eat and function just like normal.

Rosie’s Case

Rosie came to our office with her bottom front tooth broken in half. We made sure her nerve was still in good shape, and were able to fill in the broken portion with resin bonding. With good composite, we found a shade that matched her natural tooth color, and now Rosie’s tooth looks good as new!

Amanda's Case

Amanda came to us nervous about replacing a missing front tooth with an implant. Her primary concern was how the implant would match her natural teeth. Once the implant process was completed Amanda was extremely pleased, and our team was very proud of our exceptional outcome!